OceanNet provides global transportation services. By rail, road, air and/or sea.
Our worldwide network of specialised and experienced partners ensures that OceanNet is capable of fulfilling the customer's every request and that we are capable of ensuring professional and reliable transport for our customers, regardless of the destination.

Our experience with the transportation of large vehicles such as cars, trucks, coaches and motorised industrial machinery, using flat racks, is known the world over.
OceanNet has a reputation to uphold in the field of special transport means like flat racks. But we also accept break bulk, conventional, heavy-duty, (heavy) lift and out of gauge cargos.
In fact Full Container Load movements or FCL movements are our core business.

So OceanNet is well versed in every type of container transport. But the essence of OceanNet's business is and will also be that we help you with all your logistical needs. That is what we do. That is our mission.

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