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Our team of specialists is at your disposal 24/7 to help you with any logistical requests or questions you may have. We are your partner for all your global logistics needs. Do you need to transport goods from A to B? OceanNet will take care of this, quickly, efficiently and effectively. Our professionals have only one goal in mind: to deliver on our promises, to do what was agreed!

Our team of employees is very knowledgeable about the country you are shipping to. Knowledge of the local situation, regulations and legislation as well as many other aspects that may influence your transport is important. The Caucasus and its hinterland have no secrets anymore for us as we have our own branches there. An absolute plus.

Learn more about employees below:

Nuraddin İsmayilov

Nuraddin İsmayilov


T T. (+99412)464 42 78

M (+99450)215 33 75

@ nuraddin@oceannet.az

Şəbnəm Səfiyarlı

Şəbnəm Səfiyarlı

Customer Service Operator

T (+99412)464 42 78

M (+99455)871 58 71

@ sebnem@oceannet.az

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