For over 25 years, OceanNet has been a standard in the forwarding business. OceanNet evolved from a niche player focusing on the Caucasus region into a globally operating, independent forwarder. We've been located in Papendrecht from the very beginning, and OceanNet is still based in this municipality, which is just a stone's throw from Rotterdam.

The company was founded by Erik van den Hil in 1988. OceanNet was one of the first private forwarders in the Netherlands that was able to open up the Caucasus region. Although OceanNet, as mentioned, is currently operating around the world, the Caucasus region is still an integral specialisation within OceanNet. So it's no surprise that OceanNet is always mentioned when people around the world consider transport and logistics to and from the Caucasus region.

In 2011, Van den Hil senior's sons, Artur and Barry, took over the helm of the day-to-day company management at OceanNet. OceanNet has experienced significant growth under the inspiring management of both brothers, in terms of customers, staff and turnover. In short, OceanNet is doing incredibly well. Everyone worked hard, full of enthusiasm, dynamics and positive attitudes. Nothing actually ever got in the way of their progress in all those years, until something completely unexpected happened in 2015. The organisation was utterly shocked by Artur's tragic, entirely unexpected death. Artur was still much too young, just 38 years old, to be ripped from this life. It was and will forever be a black page in the OceanNet history; a major loss.

However, Barry and everyone at OceanNet stood strong in the face of adversity. Everyone put their collective efforts into turning Artur, Barry and Erik's dream into a reality. It is a dream still shared by everyone at OceanNet. It's not a complicated dream: only one company can achieve forwarding plus: OceanNet!

The team of professionals demonstrate daily that OceanNet is a unique, family-owned company that focuses on its customers. Erik van den Hil still supports the organisation where possible, while Barry oversees the OceanNet daily management. They may be on their own in 2016, but they'll always have the OceanNet team at their backs. OceanNet is ready for the future!


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